The First Affiliate Recruitment & Management Service, for SaaS Startups

Private Affiliate Network for SaaS Business that will bring you Active, High-Performance Affiliates that will generate Traffic & Sales for you, month after month.
90% cheaper that hiring in-house Affiliate Manager
2x Faster to get Active, High-performed Affiliates
What is Recurinc?

Do you have problem in getting High-performed, Active Affiliates?

Recurinc is a Private Affiliate Recruitment & Management Service, designed for SaaS Startups to get army of Active, High-performed Affiliates. We are not another Affiliate Tracking Software. We don't help Startups to setup their Affiliate Programs. We help SaaS Businesses to get the affiliates person, who will bring traffic & sales for the products.
Pool of Real & High-Performed Affiliates
Affiliate Recruitment & Management Agency for SaaS Startups
Designed for Subscription Products
Why Recurinc?

"Our Network help you to make your Affiliates Recruitment become very active."

The Problem

Setup Affiliate Program is easy. Affiliate Tracking Softwares are everywhere now. The problem is... This tools do not help you to find affiliates. You still need to get the affiliate person by yourself.

The Solution

An Affiliate Network that already have army of Affiliates that are active & can bring real sales for your SaaS products, month after month.

Recurinc is not Affiliate Tracking Software
There has been a lot of this tools on the market. Nowadays, you can setup & launch your affiliate program literally in 15 minutes.
Recurins is Affiliate Recruitment & Management Service
No need anymore to find the Affiliates by yourself or wait for months to get Affiliates join your program. In Recurinc, we will get for you high-performed affiliates who will promote your SaaS Products.

How Recurinc Network works?

We are a Private Affiliate Recruitment & Management Service that will bring you Active-selling Affiliates. We will find, invite, interview Affiliates for you. We will also build relationship, manage, motivate, & give live chat support to your affiliates.

Benefits of Recurinc

Far Cheaper than hiring in-house Affiliate Manager to run your Affiliate Program
10x Faster to get Affiliates
No more inactive Affiliates that do not bring any traffic & sales for you.

What does Recurinc provide?

Recruitment of Active & High-Performed Affiliates
  • ✅ Pool of Affiliates ready to promote your product
  • ✅ Full-time Real Affiliates
  • ✅  No Bots at all
  • ✅  Real Traffic & Sales for your product
  • ✅  Legit Buyers that subscribe your product

Affiliates Management Service

  • ✅  Find High-performed Affiliates
  • ✅  Invite them to promote your Products
  • ✅  Interview & Screening their background, manually
  • ✅  Motivate them to send traffic to your Products
  • ✅  Manage all the Affiliates that we refer to you
  • ✅  Build Relationship & get their trust
  • ✅  Live Chat Support for the Affiliates

With Recurinc, No Need to...

Spend $3,000 - $5,000 to hire in-house Affiliate Manager.
Wondering how to get high-performed Affiliates & Waiting them to Join & Promote your Products
Spend resources to manage & grow your Affiliate Program

Why Recurinc Network?

90% Cheaper than hiring in-house Affiliate Managers
10x Easier & Faster to get Affiliates
Get Full time, Active-selling, High-performed Affiliates
No more passive to get Affiliates
Professional Affiliates that already have experience promoting SaaS Products
The first & only Affiliates Recruitment & Management Service for SaaS Startups
Manual Affiliate Background Screening
Very simple & affordable pricing without any transaction fees.

Our pricing is very simple

Only Pay per active affiliates that we bring to you

$29 $19

/active affiliate/month


  • ✅ Introductory price for first 100 clients
  • ✅ You can approve/ reject the affiliate
  • ✅ No need to pay for Affiliates that didn’t bring sales
  • ✅ We do all the work to find the affiliate
  • ✅ No monthly minimum payment
  • ✅ No need to manage & support the affiliate. We do it for you too!
  • ✅ Pay at the end of the month. No upfront payment

How much $19/active affiliate/month compare to sales that the affiliates will bring for you?

Let’s say that Recurinc brings you 5 affiliates/month. And only 3 affiliates bring you sales that month.

You only pay Recurinc for that month (at the end of the month):
3 active affiliates x $19 = $57

How much is your revenue from these affiliates?
We assume that 1 active affiliate only can bring you:

3 sales/ week = 12 sales/month.

Your product’s price is $20. You give affiliate commission: $10 (50%).

So, from 3 active affiliates your profit:

3 active affiliates x 12 sales x $10 (your revenue/sales) = $360

You make revenue: $360
From your spending: $57
(You also pay the $57 not from your money but from your profit that the affiliates has made for you).

No more waiting time to get active, high-performed Affiliates

Let's Recurinc Network help you to get Active Affiliates that will bring customer for your products, month after month.
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